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Sømand Sailor Spotlight | Meet Nicole Popp-Voss

How did you first discover Sailing and what attracted you to the sport?

I went to a sailing camp with my brother. He got into racing early on and once I realized all of the beautiful places to go in sailing, I joined the sport in Tampa, FL shortly after. 

What types of racing have you participated in and what format do you enjoy the most?

Dinghies, team racing, keelboats and now just getting into offshore. Moving from Miami to SF Bay was an adjustment and I am grateful to participate in many types of racing formats.

Tell us about a favorite sailing memory you have or a milestone that you are proud of.

Starting the University of Miami womens’ team and making great friends. I was lucky to make friends throughout my sailing career and that is one of the best things about the sport. 

We hear that you have recently purchased a Moore 24, tell us about your experience and what attracted you to the fleet?

COVID-19 shut down lots of crewed racing in the SF Bay and I wanted to get back on the water. The Moore 24 is attractive due to its versatility in many types of racing:  shorthanded, offshore and buoy racing. We even take the boat cruising. The fleet is also very welcoming and happy to share tips. Lots of women are also active in the fleet and it’s been great getting to know them. 

Have you been able to get out on the water during the pandemic? Any new hobbies you have discovered?

Yes, since we got the boat, we’ve done lots of sailing this year and most recently, Moore 24 Nationals. There are a few more regattas this summer I’m looking forward to like Delta Ditch & Huntington Lake Regatta. I wasn’t much of a cruiser prior to the pandemic, but I’ve learned to enjoy sailing at a different pace. 

Noelle also shared some sourdough starter last year and I can bake a mean loaf of sourdough bread!

If you could be sailing anywhere in the world right now where would we find you and what type of boat would you be sailing on?

It’s hard to beat sailing in Maine in the summer...

Have you faced any challenges as a woman in sailing? What did you do to overcome them?

Sometimes it can be tough to move back in the boat and I’ve found that it’s best to volunteer!


To follow Nicole visit her instagram @nicoleelizaeth



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