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Product Review: The Sømand Farallon Sailing Jacket for Women


American Sailing Association Somand Review
This jacket was tested while sailing in Santa Monica Bay on days with varying conditions from a cool overcast day of 52 degrees to a sunny but cooler afternoon at 64 degrees. My wife also used the Sømand Farallon Sailing Jacket for a spring skiing trip on Mammoth Mountain, on a rainy hike around a few lakes in Minnesota, and for an outdoor dinner in between sessions in some very cold ice rinks.

Sømand Sailor Spotlight

Meet Nicole Popp-Voss

Somand Sailwear Nicole

How did you first discover Sailing and what attracted you to the sport?

I went to a sailing camp with my brother. He got into racing early on and once I realized all of the beautiful places to go in sailing, I joined the sport in Tampa, FL shortly after. 

A behind the scenes peak: Sømand’s Photoshoot on HiJinks the J88

A behind the scenes peak: Sømand’s Photoshoot on HiJinks the J88
A few weeks ago we had the privilege of doing a photoshoot on the J88 Hijinks - skippered by the only female J88 skipper in North America, Logan Ashcraft. We worked with the talented sailor and photographer, Christy Usher, to capture the day and it was important to us to feature real sailors (not hired models) for this shoot and to have an authentic experience on the water.